In most cases, when there’s an age gap between Hollywood couples, it is the man who is dating or is married to a woman who is significantly younger. For instance, there have been tons of memes lately that make fun of the fact that Leonard DiCaprio, who is in his late 40s, always seems to dump women when they reach 25. However, there has recently been a trend in which older women are dating younger guys. There are lots of reasons why this dynamic works for certain couples. So if you’re a woman who is in a budding relationship with a man who is a lot younger than you, here are just a few positive reasons why he prefers to be with you.

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She exposes him to new ways of thinking

If you typically date somebody who is around the same age, you probably have a lot of shared experiences that come with growing up in the same generation. On the other hand, dating an older woman can be intriguing for many guys because it opens their eyes to completely new ideas that they had never considered. If the woman is fun and adventurous, it doesn’t have to matter how much older she is than her man.

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She provides him with intellectual stimulation

There is no substitute for life experience. As you get older, you gain a lot of knowledge just by being out in the real world. And if you’re an educated person, you use the information you learned to grow further both personally and professionally. A lot of younger men love the idea of dating a woman who is educationally or culturally advanced because it provides a lot of mental stimulation.

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She practices good spending habits

Younger people don’t always have their financial ducks in order. When we’re talking about a young couple, that can really compound the problems. They have student loans to pay off; they are just entering the workforce, which means they aren’t making a lot of money yet; and they obviously don’t have much if anything saved up. On the other hand, older women are a lot smarter about managing their money, with many investing their savings and therefore seeing their wealth grow. Who wouldn’t want to date a woman with that kind of financial stability?

Clear goals and desires
Old women have a lot of experience with dating and in all likelihood have been married, so they have a very good idea at this point what they want and don’t want in a relationship. She’s had a lot of time to reflect on who she is as a person, the things she expects from a guy, and even how to find good ways to address problems in a relationship. For guys who want a woman who is confident in herself, this can be a real plus.

More experience
Because older women have a lot of experience in being in relationships, there is a whole lot that they can teach their younger guy, especially when it comes to the intimacy department. But beyond this important element of a relationship, she can also offer him advice on how to advance in his career or just share life lessons. For men who want a complete package, it can be very satisfying to date an older woman.


Less high maintenance
Younger women often have a lot of insecurities. They need time to find themselves and often need persistent praise and reassurances that they are worth something. But as they get older, meet their goals in life, and accept who they are, they have a lot of self-confidence. This means younger men don’t have to deal with all the drama and emotions that come with being in a relationship with a young woman their age.

  1. Emotional maturity
    Believe it or not, up until we reach 25, our brains have not fully formed. As a result, we don’t always make the best decisions. We also experience a lot more highs and lows, emotional unpredictability, and hormones that we can’t always control. When a couple are both going through this period of instability in our lives, it can really take a toll on the relationship. But since an older woman has long passed that period of her life, she deals with things with a lot of emotional maturity, which is something a lot of younger men appreciate.

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