Adesua Etomi, Bisola Aiyeola reveal Bimbo Ademoye’s ‘bizarre obsession’ in sweet birthday message; she reacts

Adesua Etomi revealed that Bimbo’s heart is the favorite thing she loves about her, because she has a heart of gold. Expressing how much she loves the birthday girl, she said a word of prayer for her and revealed that Bimbo has a weird obsession for eating raw jalapeños [a very hot green chilli pepper]. Adesua Etomi wrote:

“Number 1 agbero.
R’aburoooo mi, r’abu, r’aburoooo mi. Happy birthday to my darling sister @bimboademoye. My bim bim. My favorite thing about you Bimbo, is your heart. A heart of gold. You are the sweetest, softest (this is up for debate), kindest agbero I know. Always ready to love, ready to give, ready to show up for the people you love. You are not only incredibly talented and beautiful, you are also a joy to be around.

I love you so much and no matter how strong your coconut head is (because my goodness is it strong) Bis his and I will always show up for you whenever you need us.

Our baby. Our sister. Our friend.

I pray that the Lord blesses you. May he keep you. May his give you the desires of your heart in accordance with his will. May he surround you and envelope you with his love. May his favor continuously be with you in Jesus name.

Happy birthday again our February baby. We are bless to know and love you.

Ps. Incase you people don’t know. Bimbo chews jalapeños raw. Yes guys, she snacks on peppers”.

In response the birthday girl wrote:

“Thank you for a few munster ago, thank you for last week, thank you for last month, thank you for last year, thank you for ALWAYS!!. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN MERE WORDS COULD TELL.”

On Bisola Aiyeola’s part, she shared a video collage of her memories with Bimbo Adem oye and affirmed her unending love for the jolly good fellow.

Bisola in her caption listed ten amazing facts about Bimbo. Her facts dwell on Scotch Bonnet, [a small chilli pepper which is the hottest variant available] better known as ‘ata rodo’ by the Yorubas.

The media personality also rained praises on Bimbo as she noted that she is talented and hardworking.

Assuring Bimbo of her unweaving love, Bisola said she will continue to rock, ride and cover the celebrant till the wheels falls off and prayed that their direct messages (DMs) never leak out. She wrote:

“La Familia it is Abimbola Aisha Ademoye Day and so, I’m gonna Mention 10 Amazing Things about Bimbo.
1,Her love for pepper
2 she uses pepper to Brush her teeth
3 her lipstick is a bulb of ata rodo
4 she drinks ata rodo smoothies for breakfast
5 she sprinkles dry pepper in her body lotion
6 Tomato is her enemy
7 she loves bouquets of Rodo
8 she eats raw pepper to relive headaches
9 her favorite scent is Eau de ATA rodo
10 she has a pepper plantation in kwara state.

“But for real though Fam, Her birthday is just 2weeks after mine and it’s no surprise that our energies match . Bimbo is such a talented, super hardworking young woman. Her Love for her Family is so beautiful to see, her support as a sister to me is so special to me, she very often doesn’t remember that she is a queen and a star girl so guys today, Abeg help me remind her that she’s the Bestest,most talented human and that she deserves the best in all spheres of her life.
Dear Bimbo Ademoye we Dey giddigba for each other so just call my name and I’ll be there Because I love you.
I’ll ride with you, I’ll rock with you,I cover you, I’ve got your back and your coconut head Till the wheels fall off and I pray our Dms never leak. Love you Rabuuuuuuromiiiiiiiiiii and please if you Dey cook today help me reduce the pepper small.”

Responding, Bimbo said:

“I’m so blessed to have you. You’ve done any and everything for me. I love you so much. Words can’t even describe. love you so so much.”

See video:


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