My new movie “Aimokan” is about trust issues in marriage – Titilola Ajayi

My new movie “Aimokan” is about trust issues in marriage – Titilola Ajayi

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Titilola Ajayi is currently making waves with her new film titled “Aimokan” showing on YouTube via YorubahoodTV. According to Titilola in a chat with Potpourri, the movie which was produced by her and directed by Tokunbo Awoga is about trust issues in marriage.

Explaining further, she said, “We often hear about domestic violence in homes and our mind set is such that it’s almost always the females that are the victims, with the society not bothering to care or know how the man is being treated in the equation. With the project I wanted to point out that men can be victims too. I felt the whole world needs to know that men also go through abuse but they don’t speak out for fear of being misconstrued as weak or ridiculed.”


The film stars heavyweights in the industry like Ibrahim Chatta, Bimbo Oshin, Kola Ajeyemi, Toyin Alausa, Ayo Adesanya, Baba Aderupoko and others.

“This is my first personal project and I want to start with good movies. I’m not cheap in all I do or represent so you can be rest assured that “Aimokan” is a top quality job,” she asserted.

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