Actress Funke Adesiyan Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career And Movies

Actress Funke Adesiyan Net Worth, Age, Career And Movies

  • Let us discuss Funke Adesiyan’s Biography in terms of her Age, Career, Education, Early Life, Family, Movies And Net Worth and much more.

Funke Adesiyan is a Nigerian actress, movie producer, and politician. She is popular for her roles in Nollywood-Yoruba movies. She started out as a model at a very young age before she ventured into acting. The movie “Obinrin Ale” brought her to the limelight. She is currently a personal assistant to the First Lady (Aisha Buhari) on domestic and social events.

In this article, I will discuss Funke Adesiyan’s biography, career, age, place of birth, net worth, Movies, and given name. Let’s start with her profile.

Funke adesiyan biography
Funke Adesiyan Biography
Full Name: Funke Adesiyan
Stage Name Funke Adesiyan
Date of Birth: March 14, 1986
Place of Birth:: Ibadan, Oyo State,
State of Origin: Oyo State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Actress, Politician
Net Worth: N/A
Husband/Sponsor: N/A
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Funke Adesiyan Biography, Funke Adesiyan Biography

Funke Adesiyan Biography

Funke adesiyan biography 1
Funke Adesiyan Biography, Funke Adesiyan Biography

Funke Adesiyan is a Nigerian politician, actress, and film producer. She is well-known for her roles in Nollywood and Yoruba films. She began her career as a model at a young age before moving on to acting. Her breakthrough came with the film “Obinrin Ale.” She is currently the First Lady’s (Aisha Buhari) personal assistant for domestic and social events.

Funke Adesiyan Early Life and Education

Funke adesiyan biography 2
Funke Adesiyan Biography

Funke Adesiyan was born on March 14, 1986 in Ibadan, Oyo State. She attended primary and secondary school in Ibadan before enrolling in The Polytechnic, Ibadan, where she earned an Ordinary National Diploma (OND). She attended Olabisi Onabanjo University and majored in Performing Arts. She also earned a law diploma from the same university.

After losing her election bid, she went on to study filmmaking and directing at the New York Film Academy in 2015. Banky W, Kunle Afolayan, Kemi Adetiba, Ikechukwu, Stephanie Okereke, Dr Sid, and Kunle Remi are among the other Nigerian entertainers who have attended this prestigious film school.

Funke Adesiyan Career

Funke adesiyan biography 3
Funke Adesiyan Biography

Funke began modeling at the age of 13, and by the age of 14, she was running her own business. As a result, she was able to construct her first home while still a teenager and earn her first million naira at the age of 17.

Funke opened a fashion store in her hometown after losing her election bid in 2011, but a series of unfortunate events caused her to lose almost all of her money. It was a serious setback. Funke, on the other hand, was able to claw her way back to the top and is now in charge of several successful businesses.

Funke is the owner of the “La’venette” clothing line. She claimed that she designed all of the clothing she wore in the film Eti Keta.

Political Career

Funke began his political career at the age of 25 when he managed Mallam Shekarau’s presidential campaign. You may recall that Ibrahim Shekarau ran for president of Nigeria in the 2011 general elections. Shekarau was a former Kano State governor and minister of education.

Funke ran for the People’s Democratic Party to represent Ibadan South East in the Oyo State House of Assembly in 2015. She was overjoyed when she won the primary election and shared her joy on social media. She did, however, lose the election as well as a significant portion of her money. She did, however, host a party after the elections to express her gratitude to her supporters.

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She switched parties in time for the 2019 general election, joining the All Progressive Congress (APC), and President Muhammad Buhari named her as the First Lady’s personal assistant for domestic and social activities.

Funke Adesiyan Filmography

Funke adesiyan biography 4
Funke Adesiyan Biography

Funke’s appearance in a Wale Adenuga production in 2003 was her debut in the film industry. Since then, she has appeared in and produced a number of Yoruba films, with Eti keta and Obinrin Ale being the two most notable. The additional films include:

  • Ayo Kulehin
  • Aparo
  • Kakaaki

Funke Adesiyan Awards and Nominations

  • Ooni of Ife’s excellence award

Funke Adesiyan Controversies

Funke adesiyan biography 5
Funke Adesiyan Biography

Relationship With Saidi Balogun

Funke Adesiyan once had a relationship with fellow actor Saidi Balogun. According to her, she was attracted to him because he was straightforward in his dealings with people and always willing to help others. She left the relationship due to domestic violence. He claimed it was a mistake and would never happen again. However, he persisted. The abuse didn’t stop after their relationship ended, as he began monitoring her movements and he didn’t hesitate to attack her a few more times. At some point, Funke had to employ bodyguards just to be safe from him.

Funke Adesiyan Breast Surgery

It was widely reported in 2013 that Funke had spent $7000 on breast implants in Dubai to increase the size of her breasts. However, Funke has since denied these claims, claiming that her breasts remain largely the same.

Funke Adesiyan Personal Life

Funke adesiyan biography 6
Funke Adesiyan Biography

Funke is currently in a relationship, but she claims that marriage is not her top priority. Funke claims in one of her social media posts that men are born to lie and that if your boyfriend lies, it is simply because he is a man. She advised women not to leave their husbands because of infidelity, comparing it to moving from Nigeria to America because of the weather.

Funke Adesiyan Social Media

Instagram: @Funkeadesiyan

Funke Adesiyan Net Worth

Funke Adesiyan’s net worth is unknown, but she is doing well for herself.

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