Lady Blasts Nigerian Parents Who Brainwash Their Children Against Nigeria

  • A young lady has taken to her socials to vent about the new tradition amongst Nigerian parents, especially those who have relocated abroad
  • According to her, a lot of Nigerian parents have taken up the duty to say bad things about Nigeria to their children and make it seem to them as if Nigeria is hell where they should not stay

A young Nigerian girl has summoned the courage to talk about her views and pain about the state of Nigeria and Nigerians. The young lady identified with the username, @michivkosleftcoochielip took to her TikTok page to vent out her anger towards the views of some Nigerian parents she had encountered after her relocation to Canada. According to her, some of them never have anything good to say about Nigeria. She says they feed their children a lot of bad stuff about the country.

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Further talking on the topic, she expressed that some Nigerian parents go to the extent of chastising their children for not already having an accent after living abroad for a while. The lady further confessed the brainwashing is so extreme that if she had never lived in Nigeria and she hears all of the things they have to say about Nigeria, she might never want to visit.

Interestingly, she didn’t stop at just blasting Nigerian parents, she also went for the heads of Nigerian politicians and some other Nigerian adults. “…when Nigerian adults and Nigerian parents get to places of power, they know how to behave. So, you guys have taken away the hopes and dreams of the youth, you have made Nigeria a desolate land, a country of survival of the fittest.”

“But, you demand respect, you demand respect when you lack accountability. Excuse me, what respect am I supposed to give to somebody who came out publicly to tell us, the whole nation, that, a snake swallowed the money? What respect is that?…” she said.

Going forward, she put it out straight that these people only make a mockery of themselves and the nation. She also admitted that the only people who genuinely make Nigeria proud are its youths. But unfortunately, most of the things they succeed at to make Nigeria proud are usually done against the will and instructions of their parents. Mind if I divert a bit? Recall Tobi Amusan? The lady who broke a world record at the World Athletics Championships? and won a prize of $100,000. Of course, she made Nigeria proud, but, she did it against her father’s will. According to her words in an interview, her father never supported her career. But, her mother never gave up on her, she said, her mother would sneak her through the back door whenever she was going for training. She further revealed that her father once burnt her training kits. As of today, she made Nigeria proud! But without the consent of her father. So heart-wrenching! Only God knew what she had to go through.

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Well, back to our discussion, she further accused Nigerian politicians and parents of indirectly or maybe directly running down the country. To cut the long story short, you might have to watch this yourself. Therefore, check the links to the videos below:




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