Nigerians reacts as hookup girl collapse in ritual prank

Nigerians are already reacting to a trending video where a hookup girl collapses after being pranked by a few guys wanting to use her for money rituals.

In the video, the lady was seen getting ready to please her client, pulling off her dress when the shocking revelation was down on her. Two Guys dressed in red carried a ‘lifeless body’ and were planning to make advances at her before she collapsed. They later informed her that it is a prank and she melted er anger on them and angrily left the room.

Watch the video below:

In the traditional sense, marriage is the ultimate goal of dating in a variety of cultural and religious contexts. However, there currently seems to be a societal movement in this viewpoint, and different phrases are being used to define what dating is, or maybe what passes for dating.

When the topic of dating is discussed, particularly on social media platforms, it is sometimes described as a competitive and rigorous atmosphere designed only for the most adventurous or brave.

The term “hookup” has grown unclear in today’s society, making it challenging to define exactly what constitutes dating. In terms of age and cultural demographics, its connotation also differs. In today’s world, dating can take many different shapes, and the answers you receive will vary depending on who you ask. It primarily relates to romantic connections between people.

While reacting many Netizens believed she did nothing wrong and lambasted the guys for doing such an extreme prank.

Reacting Chidera Ochuagu, said: How is everybody on this comments blaming the girl and not the men? 1. This is assault and if Nigeria were a better country, they would have been arrested. 2. You called someone for sex and agreed to pay, they came and you took video of them without their consent?

Another netizen named Omowunmi said: I was legit scared on her behalf. 15k on top hook-up? Ladies should stop putting their lives on the line cos of how much. I imagine if this wasn’t a prank.

However, Obinna great that: Be realistic hanty! 15k is not small, imagine how many she could meet in a day, in a week, and then per month. Even u sef fit consider the hookup hustle sef cos the money is huge! Just knocking and they still enjoy it on top of the cool money.

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