15 Photos Both “Cool” And Funny Of Unique Birth Moments Of Newborn Babies

#1 Wow, why don’t you give it to me, I don’t want to go out yet.

  • #2 I’m OK mommy!

#3 Meanwhile, this baby is probably thinking about what to eat today.

#4 Bright smile with family!

#5 When I was born, I heard that my father was a billionaire; I’m so happy, guys.

#6 A “cool” pose, I dare you to do it.

#7 I don’t know if it’s more fun out here than in the womb.

#8 He said, “Put me back, I hate it there!”

#9 Who am I? Where am I?

#10 Try your best!

#11 Put me in my mother’s womb, Please!!

#12 So hungry mom!!

#13 Why bring me out here, I love being in my mother’s womb

#14 Why did you bring me out Mommy? I wanna go backk

In the end, no matter how the babies are born, watching newborn babies always brings a lot of special feelings. It is not only because another member has come into the world, but also because the happiness and pride of the parents are spreading everywhere

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