“He Has a Good Heart”: Lady Set To Dump Her Boyfriend of 3 Years Who Pays Her Rent, Gives Reason 

“He Has a Good Heart”: Lady Set To Dump Her Boyfriend of 3 Years Who Pays Her Rent, Gives Reason 

  • A radio personality, Doreen Nasasira, has caused a commotion on social media over her relationship dilemma
  • Doreen revealed that she is about to call it quits on her relationship of three years as she has failed to love the man
  • While praising him for paying her rent and being caring, the lady opened up on why she accepted to date him in the first place 

An African radio personality identified as Doreen Nasasira has sought advise from netizens, revealing that she is about to end her relationship.

In a Twitter post, Doreen wrote that she has a boyfriend whom she has been dating for three years and is now considering tying the knot with her.

The issue is that she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Doreen said that he pays her rent and is caring but is not her type.

She said she accepted to date him because he has a good heart but has failed to love him. Her tweet reads:

“Been with my boyfriend for 3yrs .he’s caring,pays my rent.He’s talking about marriage but truth Is l have failed to love him, Plus he’s not like my type but coz he has a good heart l decided to start a relationship with him but now l want to end this relationship? Pliz advise me.” 

Her tweet went viral and stirred mixed reactions among netizens.

See her tweet below:

Social media reactions

@kabughoesther5 said:

“Many who have left good hearted guys looking for their type have ended up regretting it. But also him being good hearted now doesn’t guarantee he will stay like that forever. The moment he realises that you don’t feel the same way about him, things will turn upside down.”

@Kbridget9 said:

“A huge number of men look the part or the type but can’t survive a 3yrs test of a relationship to think of marrying you. “Make yourself better to deserve him, because you might be the one of less value/quality here. “Women of Class know their thing from get go. Level Up G.”

@JenkinsMatsiko said:

“I’d advise you make the most easy and beautiful apology you’d ever come up with. Then later as he aches about what you’ve done, return some of the tangible things he gave you. “Keep in touch with him for like a month and find ways of returning some of the money he invested in you.”

@Tee_Classiquem1 said:

“You wasted his time for good 3 years all because of personal benefit? dont worry when you finally meet that your type, he will waste your time for like 10 years and more.”

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