I’m surprised how the nigerians treat hypertension.” Swiss cardiologist in interview with nigerian television.

Laurin Loprieno: ” Hypertension in Nigeria is still treated with old and useless drugs»

I’m surprised how the nigerians treat hypertension.” Swiss cardiologist in interview with nigerian television.

Laurin Loprieno traveled last year to Nigeria to study the experience of his nigerian colleagues. In our country, according to Laurin, the development of the medical sector is very weak.

Laurin Loprieno traveled last year to Nigeria to study the experience of his nigerian colleagues. In our country, according to Laurin, the development of the doctor is very weak.

After some ambitious performances, Dr. Laurin Loprieno agreed to give an interview to Nigetian television. What did not like the famous doctor in Nigeria medicine? And why does he claim that Nigerian patients with hypertension will never recover?

In your interview with journalists, you said things about nigerian medecine. Could you comment on this?

I do not want to offend Nigeria, I respect Nigerian culture and people, but I would like to repeat what I said. The level of the Nigerian medical sector really surprises European colleagues. Nigeria. medicine cures the way patients were treated 20 or 30 years ago. At least I’m talking about the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension.

See what doctors recommend for the treatment of hypertension in nigeria: lisinopril, Amlodipine, Chlorotalaxide, enalapril, Valsartan and similar drugs.

How ever, these drugs do not treat hypertension, they reduce blood pressure. Now imagine what happens on a body level. The patient takes the drug, his blood pressure decreases. However, after a while, the pressure rises again. Such changes harm the body even more than constantly elevated blood pressure. Blood vessels are destroyed very quickly, leading to a heart attack or stroke.

In the rest of Europe, this method of controlling hypertension has not been used for more than 20 years. And pills to reduce blood pressure are used only in rare cases, of course, not every day. In Switzerland, these drugs are only sold by prescription and not in such quantities.

Your doctors and pharmacists are killing people! Clearly, constantly selling drugs to lower pressure at high prices is much more profitable than curing hypertension. It’s horrible!

– What about the treatment of hypertension in Switzerland?

– Swiss scientists have long understood that it is necessary to eliminate the causes of hypertension, not the consequences. This is the key to a complete and safe treatment. What is the main cause of hypertension? Narrowing of the lumen of the vessels! Age-related hypertension occurs in people over time and accounts for 96% of cases. Modern Swiss medicine treats such hypertension.

Imagine that the containers are pipes. The walls of the pipes are contaminated, and water is more difficult to move through them. However, water should flow and pass through the pipes in sufficient quantities. What is needed for the passage of water? Right! Increase pressure. That’s what the heart does. This leads to an increase in blood pressure, and therefore to rapid wear of the heart muscle. Another way was invented-to clean the containers from pollution. This is how hypertension is treated in Switzerland.

Cholesterol contamination of blood vessels is the main cause of age-related hypertension

In 800 AD, Chinese doctors began to use a special substance, called Moringa Oleifera Extract. This substance lowers cholesterol-as a result, blood vessels are cleaned, blood circulation relaxes and blood pressure normalizes. To the end! More precisely, until your glasses get dirty again, but it will take several decades. No more medications are needed to lower blood pressure. You will cease to be afraid that hypertension will destroy internal organs (damaging all body systems). People can become healthy.

When I saw the statistics of nigerian medicine, I was very impressed. Nigeria has a high rate of lethality statistics (loss of life of millions of people due to illness per year). It’s not cancer, it’s not aids, it’s hypertension! And they die from this disease early: 80% of hypertensive patients do not live to 60 years!

Today, in Switzerland, hypertension is not considered a dangerous disease if we talk about age-related hypertension. Increased blood pressure only indicates that the vessels are contaminated and require cleaning. After that, blood pressure stops rising.

– How do you clean the blood vessels in Switzerland?

Today, there are special drugs designed to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol. They contain Moringa Oleifera Extract. Cardiovax it’s a good remedy. It contains Moringa Oleifera Extract in a particularly easy-to-digest form, which accelerates the action of the drug.

Cardiovax includes more than 40 components. I’m not going to list them, I’m just going to name a few.

Arjuna Extract Contains ingredients that help stimulate the heart. It might also help the heart by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure
Moringa Oleifera Extract Contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals. As an antioxidant, it seems to help protect cells from damage. Moringa is used for «tired blood» (anemia), heart problems, and in case of high blood pressure
COQ10 It is a component to prevent oxidative stress, helps to improve the response of insulin to increased blood glucose levels and supplies energy for the normal functioning of cells
Lycopene Had positive effects on cardiovascular risk factors, such as elevated blood lipids and blood pressure

– Is this drug sold in pharmacies in Nigeria?

– No, and that’s the main problem. Nigerian doctors prefer to feed people with pills to reduce blood pressure rather than treat hypertension. In addition, there is no doubt that nigerian cardiologists, at least interested in current treatments, know about Moringa Oleifera Extract and the beneficial effects on blood vessels.

To my knowledge, the manufacturer of Cardiovax in Nigeria wanted to enter the pharmaceutical market. However, hundreds of obstacles have not allowed it, the bureaucracy in Nigeria has not yet been freed. This is understandable: if this drug begins to be sold in pharmacies, the Nigeria pharmaceutical mafia will suffer huge losses. Pharmacology today is a business! Even in Europe. But there are also honest businesses in Europe, which I will not say about Nigeria.

What would you recommend to nigerian patients with hypertension?

the delay in nigerian medicine affects more people over the age of 50. Fortunately, there is a way out. We have agreed with the largest nigerian Institute of Cardiology the possibility of selling the drug to all residents in Nigeria suffering from hypertension. Employees of Nigeria CARDIOLOGY they create and supply the necessary amount of the drug at low prices. Therefore, nigerian citizens can now ask Cardiovax with delivery.

Now let me tell you what you need to do to order Cardiovax:

  1. On this website below, under the article, take part in the discount draw and leave your contact details in the online form.;
  2. After a while, a medical adviser will contact you and answer all questions. Tell him the delivery address;
  3. After 5-7 days, you will need to pick up the shipment by mail and pay for the order.

We distribute Cardiovax for 3 months. 19 thousand nigerian citizens seized the opportunity. Ask everyone who receives Cardiovax have them undergo an examination to see how the drug works. This year, 3,000 people participated in the survey.

Survey results of patients who received the course:

  • Blood pressure stabilized completely-hypertension cured): 98% of respondents;
  • Heart rate normalized: 97% of respondents;
  • Headaches have disappeared: 99% of respondents;
  • The state of health improved — 99% of respondents.

As you can see, Cardiovax has helped many nigerian citizens get rid of the deadly disease of a deadly disease in just 1 course.

– How long will the drug be sold at the minimum price?

– Until the drugs run out. I would like to warn that there are very few packages left. People are likely to understand the effectiveness of this remedy in comparison with pills that reduce blood pressure.

I recommend hypertensive patients to order the drug while it is available

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