“Long Live Mama”: Old Woman Wears Daughter’s Graduation Cap and Dances Happily With it in Viral Video

An excited old woman who was happy about her daughter’s graduation from school danced to express her joy

The happy old woman danced in a video posted on TikTok and which ended up making many people teary and emotional.

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As she danced with joy, her daughter joined her on stage in her graduation gown while the woman wore her cap

A mother danced happily in a viral TikTok video to express her joy after her daughter graduated from school. She danced with a lot of energy and emotions in the video posted by Kpaulwaiswa.

There was happiness written on the woman’s face as she danced after her daughter’s graduation.

Photo credit: TikTok/@kpaulwaiswa. Source: UGC

The old woman left many people feeling emotional when she wore her daughter’s graduation cap and danced with it.

Viral video of mum dancing after daughter’s graduation She was also clutching a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

Despite her old age, her energy and emotions made the video to be very lively.

daughter who was still in her graduation gown joined her on stage. The video was recorded in their compound which means the lady had returned to celebrate with the mum after the final ceremonies.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users Emotions are running high in the comment section of the video because a lot of people felt the joy and happiness of the mum and daughter.

@Monica the queen said: “Long live mama.”

@zashi zaharah said: “Oh my God I’m still crying. Be blessed mothers.”

@mary ttt reacted: “I don’t know why I’m crying inside in my heart. Someone kiss my comment so that I can come back. So lovely.”

@Kim Garden commented: “I am so happy for you.”

@user8352416728067 said: “Congrats but I couldn’t stop crying.”

@frieda175 commented: “I miss you mum I wish your stil alive. I don’t know why I’m crying.”

@yennumirita said: “Mommy I’m going to make you proud. You have been my biggest supporter ever.”



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