“Men Will Buy”: Curvy Lady Dressed in Tight Playsuit Goes to Sell Agbalumo, Video Turns Heads and Goes Viral

The agbalumo seller was spotted wearing a tight playsuit that showed her nice shape and beauty.

The 11 seconds video opened with the lady standing and waiting for the tray of agbalumo to be placed on her head.

Video of a curvy lady hawking agbalumo

She had a folded wrapper on her head and it is meant for the tray to sit on. She was standing and smiling invitingly to potential customers.

A woman helped her to carry the agbalumo after which she used her own hands to support the tray and balance it on her head.

Apart from her beauty, the lady had makeup on and her nails were nicely done. She also had false lashes. She has been praised for going out to hawk and hustle.

The lady is so beautiful and shapely that people have suggested that the udala in the tray might not be enough for her to sell. People are saying that boys will buy a lot of the fruit. The video was posted by @marcuspobee.

Watch the video below:

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Reactions from TikTok users

@faithy said:

“Awwh she’s beautiful.”

@Paaqueci Governer commented:

“Boiz go buy oo.”

@BIG BAGG commented:

“If I see her sef I go buy all la.”

@Olbens Vick said:

“Those fruits must be sweet. Dam’n it.”

@6’ something reacted:

“Make I no lie. I for buy the full tray.”

@walewills72 said:

“I love fruits.”

@Mawulolo said:

“We believe when a lady is beautiful, she’s not supposed to do some things.”

Source: Legit.ng


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