Sad news: Nigeria the 55th poorest country in the whole world with the world richest pastors

Nigeria is a country blessed by God in many ways. We have the natural resources, and we have human resources. Even before the discovery of oil, there was coal. And coming to the part of humans, we discover new and amazing young talented Nigerians every day.
Some are creative inventors, others are geniuses, some others are funny and the list goes on and on. But despite our richness, because of greed and corruption, the wealth goes into a few pockets, leaving majority of the masses to struggle for crumbs. This sad fact has made Nigeria the 55th poorest country in the world.

The most disturbing part of this issue is that it seems the wealth-curbing attitude has crept into our churches. A religious leader is supposed to feed the sheep and protect it, but sadly most Nigerian pastors do not feed the sheep, they milk the sheep. Many pastors brainwash their members with miracles and proclamations of blessings, but secretly they’re sucking them dry. How can a pastor be enjoying abundance of wealth when there are some poor members in his congregation? And another sad fact is that these people won’t be left out of contributions or compulsory donations.

It is already annoying that our Nigerian politicians have this trait, but for it to be found in our churches is appalling and terribly bad. No pastor should amass so much wealth to themselves, it should belong to the church or better still be used to help the less previledged. If our politicians can’t learn, then our pastors should show them the good example. After all they are the ones who preach, so they ought to practice what they preach. Jesus Christ wasn’t a rich man, but he wasn’t poor either. These men of God should strive for moderation.

The richest pastor in the world is a Nigerian, but the richest church in the world is not a Nigerian church. Think on this. Wouldn’t it be ideal for the richest pastor to come from the richest church? But sadly the case is not so. This situation needs to change. The billionaire pastors should not forget that it’s the support of those struggling members that contribute to their wealth. Sometimes they build schools through the sweat and toil of these members. But upon opening such schools, you find that the fees are so high that some members cannot afford to send their wards there – the very same members who contributed to the project. This scenario needs to stop. Our country can only change if we all do our own little part, especially when religion is concerned.


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