“She Looks Like a Doll”: Newborn With Funny Face Rolls Her Eyes, Squeezes Mouth As Mum Talks in Video

  • A mother and her newborn got many people laughing on TikTok as the baby made so many funny expressions
  • The kid rolled her eyes and followed it with another form of grimace even after her mother told her not to do so
  • Social media users who reacted to the kid’s video said that she is so beautiful like a doll with her expressions

A mother, @kaynicole0284, has made a video of her baby and the funny expressions she always wears as if she were an adult.

The woman funnily said that her newborn has an attitude. Just when the woman said she should not make a face, the baby’s face changed to an eye-rolling expression.

The mother laughed more when she followed that with a side mouth squeeze that should mean displeasure. The kid also made a side-eye facial movement. It was so funny.

Some people who reacted to the video said that the kid already mastered the act as they used emojis that matched each expression she made.

Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over one million likes with more than 20,000 comments.

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

@asiann_doll4 said:

“She is so freakin gorgeous lookin like a doll baby.”

danadane1987 said:

“The eye Rollin is sending me.”

InTheShallow said:

“She barely moving her mouth and her dimples pops out. She’s gorgeous, such a doll.”

NitaM34 said:

“So many facial expressions in 30 seconds.”

benny_boi said:

“She rolled her eyes, looked you up and down then side eye.”

MintDayTremom said:

“She’s perfect, looks like a doll baby.”

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