“I don’t want it” – Woman rejects son’s car gift, tags him a yahoo boy in viral video

A trending clip of a Nigerian woman rejecting a car gift from her son on her birthday, has caused a stir online.

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The incident was captured in a short video shared by Nigerian Politician Maria Ude Nwachi, via her verified Facebook handle.

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In the clip, the Nigerian mum was captured accusing the young boy of being an internet fraudster and lamenting that he intended to use her for rituals by virtue of the car gift.

Despite attempts by the lad and his friends to convince her into accepting the gift, she refused and ordered him to take it away.


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In other news, A Nigerian man identified as Idris Elmustapha Daja is mourning the death of his wife, Maryam Muh’d Liman, who passed on just eleven days after they tied the knot.

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